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By Thursday morning, we're called to focus on the details as well as quality over quantity as the Virgo Moon squares off with Jupiter and Venus in bountiful Sagittarius.

At the same time, we're called toward original and innovative ways of thinking as communicative Mercury enters Aquarius early Thursday. Overall, Thursday can still be a productive day with the Moon teaming up with powerful Pluto in Capricorn. By late Thursday night, the Moon moves into partnership-oriented Libra, putting us in the mood to connect with others. As such, Friday promises to be a fairly breezy and social day as the Libra Moon partners up with Mercury and the Sun in friendly Aquarius, and go-getter Mars in Aries teams up with happy-go-lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Under this kind of planetary weather, connections, conversations, and meetings with others should not only go well but they may even have a "right place at the right time" kind of a vibe. With Mars and Jupiter in the mix, some of us may need to take a risk and make the first move in romance and relationships. Though we'll need to make sure everyone is on the same page, as come Friday night, the Libra Moon squares off with serious Saturn in Capricorn, reminding us of the importance of boundaries and mutual respect.

Read below to see what the stars mean for your sign this week, and be sure to check out your January horoscope. By now you should have a clearer idea of the direction you're headed in, which should give you the confidence you need to take a big step forward. Luck is on your side, Aries, but don't blow your chances by being careless or reckless. Friendships are valuable resources for you. An intimate relationship could deepen now which could have you feeling more optimistic and secure about where the connection is heading.

Be discerning about love but try not to let unnecessary worry or anxiety get in the way. Relationships could be a bright spot for you, especially one or the potential of one in particular. However, you must be willing to break free of the past and be open to the future in order to make the most of the love energy coming your way.

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Look to ways to cultivate joy. It might be time for you to take a leap of faith where your professional life is concerned. Stop holding onto a professional relationship that is no longer working for you. Trust that if you leap, you'll land on your feet. An important convo could turn into an opportunity.

Face your fears.

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Open your heart again, Leo. Don't waste your energy being stuck in the past and worrying about what didn't work.

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In terms of romance, you could meet a very special person today. Know that you are deserving. On another note, you could be celebrated for your creative gifts. If you've been feeling stressed out or anxious about something or someone, you could receive some reassuring news or a wish fulfillment of sorts that puts you and your heart at ease. Home and family are bright spots. Put your health and well-being first. Watch your finances. As they say, when one door closes another one opens.

January 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

The Moon in Leo brings boldness to your mindset. You may seek joy with a strong playfulness that comes from within. Your desire to return to fun, childlikeness and even creative ways are reciprocated by those around you. Best things to do today to stimulate love and affection towards yourself and others include spending time with beloved pets, listening to music and doing things that allow you to relax your mind and restore your body. Today's Moon in Leo works harmoniously with Venus in Sagittarius. Love is best expressed as expansive and free.

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Venus harmonizes with Mars in Aries, which puts a little fire in the belly for new adventures and fun with others, too. Aries, to find true love you have to find yourself.

January 22 Zodiac Sign

Self-love is the first step toward manifesting powerful love in your life. If you're currently in a relationship, are you treating someone else with more love than you give to yourself? Are you being kind to yourself? If you're looking for love, are you looking for a partner who will make you feel good about yourself, or do you already fulfill your own needs for love? These are important questions to answer as you look for healthy, soulmate love. You have a tendency to compare.

A comparison doesn't work in the area of real love because no two lovers are the same. Are you thinking that others should be more like you? Do you often think you have the real answers? If you do, give others a chance to be unique, it's ok for two people to be different. Commitment isn't just about a piece of paper, it's about the condition of your heart. Do you know why you struggle with commitment? What is it about love that would make you want to stay? At times it can be tough for you to share the 'lion-light'. You have a tendency to roar when someone has overstepped a boundary and hit an ego nerve, too, but this isn't always done intentionally.

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Would it be possible to share attention with others? Can you lead without being a leader?

January 22 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

I bet you can. Love can be messy. Sometimes you don't get back what you invest when you give love.