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Barack Obama was born in If you use an electronic math calculator, follow this way to get the remainder. Chinese Zodiac Time. Chinese Zodiac Years Chart.

Tai Sui. Answers App. Rat Years of Birth: , , , , , , , , , Lucky Numbers: 2, 3 Lucky Colors: blue, golden, green Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast Best Matches: dragon, monkey, ox Avoid: sheep, horse, rabbit.

December 25th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Capricorn - Part 1

Kindly advise. My husband birthday is January 27, , as per year he falls under rat but if you see the day he falls for pig.


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What is his zodiac really? Thank you. According to the Chinese calendar, your husband is with the Chinese zodiac Pig sign. Asked by?? Hi, you have a good luck in the love life this year and it is possible for you to find your true love. Try to be more active and take initiative, and your best time is May and December. I am female tiger.

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Born on December 18, Please help me.. Thank you and more power!! I'm sorry but no related indication is given in your zodiac prediction. However, you do have a good fortune in the year of While the Western calendar kicks off a new year in January, the Chinese lunar calendar can begin in January or February.

Curious about the natural traits and tendencies of each sign?

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  8. Read on to learn about the unique zodiac personalities and what you can expect for your own little animal in the coming year. Even as she grows older, your child still freely doles out hugs and kisses with the utmost sincerity and love. Predictions for The year will be full of exciting experiences for your child. Whether they make new friendships in play group or gain new developmental skills, your little Pig will prosper in Personality traits: According to the Chinese zodiac, your new arrival will be loyal and cheerful—in fact, the Dog is one of the most likeable signs in the entire zodiac.

    Dog is also the symbol of justice, so as your child grows, his strong sense of right and wrong will grow too. These traits, however, can make your child a bit hard on others and their missteps. Predictions for The little Dog in your life will spend a lot of time worrying about silly things this year. Try tapping into their playful side so they can loosen up and let out all those pent up frustrations.

    Personality traits: Your Rooster is a self-starter who loves to pursue plans she hatches on her own. And just like her cock-a-doodle-doo counterpart, your Rooster child lives for shouting her opinions for all to hear. Moreover, her gift for self-expression may land her squarely in the spotlight—which she loves and her optimism and energy will help get her there. Interestingly enough, your outspoken Rooster is, in reality, a bit of a loner.

    Two Dividing Methods for the Zodiac Year

    You can encourage Roosters to express themselves through singing, dancing or getting involved in the school play or community theater. Your child is constantly on the move and thrives on entertaining friends and family alike. He possesses a quick wit and clever mind, and has a successful future in store for him. Your little one also loves to solve puzzles, and ask lots of questions.

    Predictions for Last year may have been a year of meddling for the Monkey, but the new year is all about being a voice of reason.

    MORE IN Parenting

    Personality traits: Like the animals themselves, kids born in the Year of the Sheep stick with the herd, taking care of those around them. While Sheep children have a knack for watching out for others, they also love to be babied. Tip: Offer oodles of reassurance. Since competitiveness makes a Sheep kiddo bristle, let her express her artistic talents without any pressure.

    Predictions for The little Sheep in your life will learn a lot in , specifically when it comes to daily routines. Personality traits: Stubborn and hard-working? Sure sounds like kids of the Horse sign. The bad news? Your adventure-seeker is also the impatient and impulsive sort. Predictions for Horse kids thrive on excitement! Unfortunately, the Year of the Dog will provide little of it for your child.

    Your Daily Horoscope

    Predictions for Your free-spirited Horse will be difficult at times this year. Fear not, Mom. But also like snakes, your child is naturally guarded, shooing away nonessential friends.